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Metropolitan Freight is the best service provider in the freight shipment business that caters to the needs of both small and large commercial businesses around the world. Benefit from a no-obligation shipping quote service that we offer. As one of the freight brokerage companies in Toronto, CA, we provide high-quality logistics solutions, truckload and freight transportation services to our clients far and wide. Whether you are individual owners and operators or shippers big and small, we are a freight shipping company that takes care of the freight transportation needs of everyone. No matter where you are located, our nationwide freight trucking service will deliver your shipment wherever you need it.

Here at Metropolitan Freight, we can help customers reduce their transportation costs. We have an extensive network of carriers across Canada and the United States, and due to the high volume of freight our company moves, we’ve negotiated huge discounts that are not available to most businesses. By passing those freight discounts along to you, we’re able to save you time and money!

Customer satisfaction is top priority when it comes to offering fast and affordable shipping rates and our freight shipping company delivers. So call us now for a quick online quote and let our professional freight brokers provide you with the shipping service you deserve.

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