Heavy Equipment Hauling

Metropolitan Logistics is a heavy equipment hauling freight brokerage company. We work only with well known national carriers and railroad companies in North America. We negotiate discounted rates and pass them on to you, so you get better rates through our freight brokerage than you can get directly from the carriers.

We handle all scheduling and tracking, and we act on your behalf with the shipping companies. You receive the reliability of the large shipping companies and the personal service of Metropolitan Logistics.

Our rates are lower than you can get from the large shipping companies due to the volume of business we do with them. That’s also why we can serve you better – we work with shipping companies every day, so we receive great service from them on your behalf.

When it comes to the transportation of oversized heavy haul loads, we’re more than able to accommodate your shipments with the proper permits, and special routings to be able to travel throughout the highways in the United States and Canada. Special attention to detail is given to these loads which we utilize over sized over dimensional equipment for on a truckload basis.

Call Metropolitan Logistics for an instant price quote and for great, personal service. We work with most great shipping companies, and we do it on your behalf. We’re the heavy equipment hauling company for people who are not used to shipping frequently.

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