Heavy Equipment Shipping

Metropolitan Logistics is a heavy equipment shipping company that provides affordable rates for any kind of machinery or extra large freight. We provide heavy freight services throughout North America in addition to overseas.

We are among the leading heavy equipment service providers and are partnered with some of the biggest flatbed and specialized equipment fleets in The United States that can carry loads as much as 220,000 pounds.

Our internal team of heavy equipment shipping specialists can handle any equipment shipment to help you concentrate on building your company rather than the way your items will reach its destination. We are able to take you gradually through the whole process so you have the peace of mind knowing you’re in capable hands.

We’ll determine the most affordable trailers to make use of and optimal routing for the heavy equipment, so you can move equipment such as cnc machines or other heavy loads without it costing you more than is necessary.

In case your freight doesn’t need a complete truck we are able to move your shipment as a partial truckload helping you save expense.

Regardless of if you are shipping a car or construction equipment we’ll deliver your shipment on time and safely. We simply use the best carriers with exceptional safety and dependability track records.

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